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Push & Push mechanism enables simple and instant lid opening and sealing, Its just-fit cutlery slots hold fork and spoon securely and clean. The design should be instant lid opening and sealing and leak proof and easy taking after microwaving

Other Great Functions

Some containers include reusable cutlery sets so as to enhance lunch carrying. ​​Only foreign resins from famous Europe or Taiwan companies are used in order to protect customers. Glass body are used for direct baking.

Product Selection

Food Container with Cutlery Set

​​The design promote lunch packing in order to eat healthier. The slot stores cutlery set for reminding and easy carrying

Push & Push Food Container

​Hong Kong design containers with instant open and quick seal. PP and glass body are available


​Special design ​container for carryiing yogurt, cereal, salad and fruit to office, suitable for carrying western breakfast

Composable ​Products

​We offer a series of composable products for gardening, pets​, cutlery sets, food storage and others

​Push & Push Functions

Push to Open

By pressing color buttons in middle of wings, container unlocks, and cover can be removed easily.

Push to Seal

To function with silicon belt in lid, pair of wings locks up both lid and container base tightly by pressing both parts together. Silicon belt provides air and liquid tight seal function so as to keeping inside object fresh.

​​Other Functionalities

Pair of flip locking wings locates on both sides of container's base, which utilizes bending property of PP plastic. The product is made of FDA approved and BPA free resin that is safe to users and allows dishwasher and freezer safe.

​F​orward Enterprises

We are a Hong Kong Company founded in 1972. Since 80's we manufactured cassette tapes and DVD cases for LG, JVC, Sony and Philips. Product quality is always our first priority. Right now FMC Enterprises concentrates on household products and such as food containers, composable green products for example wet product bags, pet poop bags, pet water bowls, drinking straws

​Our Latest Activities

​Hong hong EXHIBITION 2019

​We promote Hong Kong design Push & Push food containers and composable poop bags for pets. 


Mak​E your own Ice-cream

​You understand your tastes the most! Having a homemade ice-cream maker you can make your own ice-cream in every flavour you desire


Sav​E energy​, earN money

For environmental protection, we are cooperating with estate developers for installing solar panal on roofs of houses in Sai Kung and Yuen Long. 

Get free recipes of home made ice cream ​

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